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      Meet Dorito

      Hi everyone! My names Dory! it’s short for aDORYable! Haha, just kidding.. it’s actually short for Dorito. Cause I’m the cheesy little snack that you crave in your life! How would you like a big orange kitty to purr in your lap while you ... Read More

      Meet Cleopatra

      Hey everyone, My name is Cleopatra but you can call me Cleo! Cleo is a one year old siamese cross. She has had a bit of a rough go of it so far, but she is doing fantastic in her current foster home. As she settles into a life of ease she is showing off he... Read More

      Meet Cheeto

      Hi I'm Cheeto! But you can just call me "how did you get up there??". I'm a lovable, inquisitive, rambunctuous goofball. I love a good toy and showing off how fast I can run. Hint - it's really fast. I'm obsessed with other kitties and will need to be adop... Read More

      Meet Princess

      Hello everybody. My name is Princess. I'm an older, shy lady with a heart of gold. I was surrendered when my previous owner couldn't look after me anymore. I have only lived with only older women so I'm still figuring men out and if they can be trusted.. s... Read More

      Meet Biscuit

      What is delicious and goes "Meow"... a Bis-CAT! hehe. Hi my name is Biscuit and I'm a sweetie pie. I'm a bit of an older boy so I love curling up with my humans for a long nap or finding a perch to gaze out the window. I'm pretty easy going and will adjust... Read More

      Meet Sarge

        Sargent Sarge here calling all of his cadets  ?? Sarge has been living his best life with Naughty Boyz Training since June 2022! He has been flying through training and building confidence at every turn. He is our lovable, goofy, strong will... Read More

      Meet Thalia

      Hello there everyone! My name is Thalia. I’m a gentle young girl who came into NASAP in the summer from one of our partner shelters. Since I was very young at the time, NASAP thought it would be best to give me my own siblings and mom to take care of... Read More

      Meet Annabel

      Meow, meow, meow, meow. That's what you'll hear in the car ride home after adopting me! But when we get home, I'll be the quietest little love bug you'll ever meet. Oh, by the way, my name is Annabel! I guess I should have started with that. I'm a super s... Read More

      Meet Persephone

      Hi, I'm Purrrrrrrrsephone! I'm named after a goddess and I sure look the part. I'm definitely a pretty lady, but don't let that fool you! I can be super clumsy at times. I also love to explore and check out new things! I used to be fostered with another ca... Read More

      Meet Ollie

      Hello everyone! I'm Ollie, because I'm Ollie-over everything! I'm a super playful kitty and I just love doing goofy things. When they found me at the kennel, I was hanging upside-down in my cage. I'm currently staying in a home with both cat and dog friend... Read More

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      If you have concerns about wildlife in your area please contact WILD NORTH

      Their website is  https://wildnorth.ca or

      call their Wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118



      Thank You!

      NASAP sincerely thanks Robin Serson for submitting NASAP to receive a $2000 grant from Benefaction!! 

      NASAP sincerely thanks Jackie for the $1000 grant for volunteering!! 


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